Keyboard Controls: 

W - Jump

A - Move Left

D - Move Right

Space Bar - Jump

Use the menu-tab at the top of the game screen to navigate different options for levels & customization.

There are two types of levels;

Invisible Levels

  • Obviously the level is invisible
  • The player must discover the level as they progress. The player must observe and test for any solution to proceed
  • There are hidden traps

Visible Levels

  • The level is visible
  • There are more hidden traps than what are in the Invisible Levels 
  • Visible Levels are not to be underestimated, anything could happen, anywhere...

This is a game of struggle.

Remember, this is only the second Beta. This game's progress depends on how well it does here, in the Beta.

First Beta Version: v0.0.1

Current Beta Version: v0.0.3

Development log

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